The Lizziepedia Wiki is a wiki made by the wiki owner, Diamond&Rubies. Lizzie is the wiki owner's nickname, so she decided to go with that. The Lizziepedia Wiki is supposed to be for satire and parody and other stuff. The Lizziepedia Wiki is not to be confused for another wiki called Lizziepedia for The Lizziepedia Wiki on Wikia was created after the other wiki. The owner of Lizziepedia Wiki on Wikia had no idea there was another wiki called Lizziepedia, so, yeah, those wikis are not related to each other in any way, except for the fact that they are both humor wikis.

Reason Why This Wiki is NoobishEdit

Well, the reason this wiki isn't big like other wikis is because this was made by a girl in middle school named Diamond&Rubies, a girl who created other noobish wikis. She welcomes everyone to make funny articles and stuff. She does try her best on her, and if any of you discover this wiki, feel free to contribute.