What is The Meaning?Edit

Well, the definition of life at says this: the animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual. But we all know that the meaning of life (in accordance to you) is a person who plays Halo all day and still lives with his or her mother, but sadly has to live in the basement because your mother wishes you got out of her life and get a job.

Life has different meanings to different people. If your emo or goth (I can't tell the freakin' difference), you might (and I said might) view life as a worthless piece of s**t that you wished it ended. If you hate everything, you might view life the same way you do for everything: you hate it. If you love everything, you might view life as a happy place, full of unicorns, fairies, and the ponies from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

So, there is no true meaning of life, except the fact that some bore like you wants to get all technical with (a.k.a., view the definition above).

Life and YouEdit

You see, life is like a plate of nachos. Some people like it, and some people dislike it. You can also compare life to YouTube. You join YouTube, then you begin to hate, but since you are not the smartest person in the world, you still be on YouTube, watching videos while thinking about the gun sitting on your bed...

Anyway, the stereotypes of life are this: your life is so wonderful that nothing ever goes wrong or your life is terrible and you play Halo all day and think about, well, ya know. But this is not true (or it might be true, especially for you. Hey, that rhymed!)

The reason life sucks for you because you don't know how to make it better. Here's an informational video about life called Life and You. It'll help you with your crappy life.

The Types of Life You Can LiveEdit

Here is different types of life (don't know how that's possible) that you can live:

  • Emo/Goth Life-Where sucicides happen all the time.
  • Joyful Life-People might think you are a little too creepy.
  • Konataist Life-Konataist will take over.
  • Bored Life-"No, that's so boring."
  • Average Life-Your life doesn't suck, but it's not the best either.
  • Trashy Life-LOL, sucks for you.
  • Perfect Life-...Don't know how that can happen.

And there is more, but there is over 9000 types of life, so, yeah.