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Welcome to the Lizziepedia WikiEdit

All you need to know is this: random is allowed. Satire is allowed. Vandalism is not allowed, but everything else is okay. You understand? Good.

For more information about this crappy wiki, visit the Information About the Lizziepedia Wiki page.

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Asumi, the evil mascot of this wiki.


So, this maybe isn't great as Uncyclopedia or Encyclopaedia Dramatica, but still, if you ever got kicked off those sites, or you just want something simple and really doesn't have to be funny, then you have come to the right wiki. Make yourself feel at home. If you don't like it here, leave. Go make your own damn wiki with your nickname in the title. Geez. >_>

A Little NoteEdit

If you find anything offensive or you don't like, leave and go to the Star Wars Wiki. Go, here's a link to it right here: Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki. I don't like Star Wars, but you might, so, like, bye.

  • The People of this Wiki Are Proud Followers of Konataism.
  • We Here At The Lizziepedia Wiki Loves Great Humor.
  • Enjoy the Weridness You May Find.
  • Give Great Love to Our Mascot of This Wiki, Asumi.
  • Respect our Authority.