LoL Motivational Poster

Nintendo decided to make a motivational poster to get people ready for the game.

The Legend of Link was a video game where Zelda had to rescue Link, just like Super Princess Peach, where Peach had to save Mario.


Official Nintendo Summary: Zelda has invited Link over for a snack when Link was ambushed and captured by Ganondorf! Now, along with her servant Impa and a younger incarnation of Link, Princess Zelda sets out a great journey to save Link!

After Zelda saves Link, Ganondorf reveals that a woman named Adia had told Ganondorf to kidnap Link so she could take over Zelda's castle and rule over Hyrule. The second part of the game consists of Zelda and friends heading back to Hyrule, defeating some of Adia's cohorts, and defeating Adia.

During the credits, it is shown that Link had gotten his snack and a kiss from Zelda.


It's on the Nintendo DS. Of course the gameplay is going to be easy. BTW, you got collect something called Naryu's Locket, which was broken into four pieces.


LoL was noted for it's many bosses. Here are the types of bosses included: (in order of apperance)

  1. Ganondorf (when his health reaches the halfway point, he transforms into Ganon).
  2. Alia (one of Adia's cohorts. She spits out fire and sets traps. Fall in one of the traps and you'll lose considerable health).
  3. Zed (one of Adia's cohorts. Can use magic. Has a powerful move known as the Kara. Seems to have a deep connection with Zelda).
  4. Metalilia (leader of a group that wants to destroy Hyrule. Only Kid Link can defeat Metalilia).
  5. Hellish Princess of Death's Beginning (the princess who guards the entrance to Death's Beginning. She uses fire and molten lava as her attacks. Her name is Kirai, which means hate in Japanese).
  6. Princess Viela (a princess who claims to be the "true" princess of Hyrule. She will only fight Zelda;anybody else will just be pushed away or trapped in a barrier for a short amount of time).
  7. Adia's Sister (Leilie is the sister of Adia. She is easy to beat because she does not want to fight. It is revealed at the end of the fight the Leilie always resented her sister and is the complete opposite of Adia. She tells you the way on how to defeat Adia).